How to prepare your items for storage


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Whether you’re moving or just putting items away, you want everything to go stress-free. From finding quality storage units Lake Worth FL locals rely on to how to prepare your items for storage, we can offer you the help you need. Even the smallest of changes can make a big difference. For that reason, let’s go over some major details that can be of great help.

How to find the right storage space?

First things first. You need to analyze what size of storage unit you need. Find the right storage space that offers climate control if you intend to store temperature-sensitive items like electronics and artwork, whose quality can be compromised by changes in temperature and humidity. There are different sizes for different needs. The more items you move with the help of residential movers Lake Worth Beach citizens vouch for, the fewer items you need to put in storage space. Protection and security will also be important factors to consider. Ultimately, going through the reviews will also be very helpful when finding the right space.

Storage units in a storage facility
Get to know as much as you can about your storage facility

Clean and prepare your items for storage

Prepare to store your items by cleaning them very well in order to avoid forming mold or mildew. However, ensure that everything is dry before packing. Disassemble the large items to save space and protect them from damage. That step can also help you when relocating with local Lake Worth Beach movers residents recommend. Using plastic storage bins will help as they resist moisture a bit more and keep your items cleaner. When keeping your items cleaner, you ensure they are stored better.

Packing and organizing your storage space

To begin with, efficiently packing and organizing your storage space requires you to have an inventory of all the items. You can categorize them according to the type or by room they belong to. This means using clear plastic bins to see the contents or, in the case of boxes, they should be clearly labeled. It should also be ensured that heavy items are placed at the bottom and at the back of the unit, while things required regularly are stacked towards the front of the storage unit. Remember, it’s always smart to use vertical space. However, ensure everything is also done safely.

Special items require special attention

Certain items require extra care when you prepare them for storage. For example, important documents and photographs should be stored in archival-quality containers to protect them from damage over time. We’ll further talk about items that need that special type of attention. However, we also want to provide you with some items to give you a better understanding. When you prepare your items for storage, these can require additional attention, including:

  • Artwork  
  • Antiques  
  • Musical instruments  
  • Electronics  
  • Mattresses  
  • Delicate clothing

Considerations for furniture

Wrap furniture in a protective material such as bubble pack or plastic wrap to avoid dust and scratching. For glass items, add bubble pack and corner protectors. Place furniture on pallets or cinder blocks to avoid damage due to moisture. The furniture pieces should not be over-crammed into the storage to avoid breakage and permit easy access. A strict follower of the above steps will surely have stored the furniture in its best condition.

A couple preparing small furniture for storage 
Furniture requires special attention when you prepare your items for storage

How to protect electronics

Electronics should be stored in a place with no direct sunshine. Also, they need to be away from very high temperatures. In addition to the above, use antistatic bags or cloth to avoid any damage caused by static electricity. Proper wrapping of items should be in place so that scratches are avoided. Pack them in containers and label the cables and accessories so that they are not mixed up and go astray. The camera might also have to be placed in long-term storage in a climate-controlled unit to assist in keeping appropriate levels of temperature and humidity, as that will reduce potential damage from heat, problems associated with moisture, and mold growth.

Consder accessability

Items should be packed with accessibility in mind. An aisle down the unit’s center will help make items at the back convenient. Organize things such that they are grouped in categories or room-wise. Group similar items together for convenience. Make a precise inventory list of items in each carton, clearly marking cartons on all sides with contents and the room from which they come. On top of that, any reputable moving company in Lake Worth Beach will offer you accessible storage units. Take advantage of them, and you will have items available to you at any time.

Monitor the stored items regularly

Of course, from time to time, make sure everything is safe. Even if you use a BBB-approved moving company with quality storage services, going down to the facility can always be a smart decision. This can help you find problems sooner rather than later. And, of course, the sooner you find something wrong, the easier it will be to fix. We’re sure any fixing won’t be necessary, but checking out your belongings in the facility will be an important decision.

A man talking on his phone 
Check on your items regularly

Ensure your items are safe and sound

Storing items might seem like a simple task. However, the more items you have, the more difficult it gets. You need to keep everything in top condition, and a variety of items might require a different approach. With our advice on how to prepare your items for storage, we’re sure that you’ll have a much easier job. Whether you’re storing items for a shorter or longer term, we’re sure you’ll be able to protect everything you think is important to you.

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